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Hair loss is an ongoing problem that affects numerous people. Besides producing concerns in one’s physical appearance, it also triggers mental distress which can significantly influence one’s quality of life.
With our approach in Boren Hair Loss Programme, we have prepared a comprehensive treatment plan to identify the factors which can affect one’s hair growth. With an in-depth consultation with our doctors, we will be able to optimise and design a personalised programme that suits you. This is because our genetics, hormones and external stimulus defers from one another.
Our treatment plan combines the advancement of regenerative medicine, which can target and enhance new hair growth with a complete treatment regime.


With our comprehensive regime, our hair treatment programme
is proven to be effective with visible results as early as on the
8th week of treatment. These groups consist of:
Any age group that suffers from hair loss ranging from subtle diffuse hair loss and thinning of the hair, receding hair line, and patchy baldness area. (Alopecia areata, Androgenetic alopecia (AGA)).
Those that suffers from hair loss due to underlying medical conditions such as thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances and cancer.
Those that suffers from hair loss in the postpartum phase.
Those that suffers from hair loss due to our lifestyle, stress and friction. (Smoking, Alcohol, Vaping)
Any age group that suffers from hair loss due to improper diet, inadequate vitamins and nutrition.


Our personalised hair loss programmes consist of 5 steps that helps to identify, treat,
and promote hair growths. It is broadly divided into:
Doctor’s Consultation, examination, and health screening
Hair Growth Products
(Hair Growth Shampoo and Tonic)
Laser Light Therapy
Medications and supplements
(with medicated Hair Foam and Oral nutrition supplement)

Doctor’s Consultation, Examination and Health Screening

At our first encounter with you, you will be greeted with a professional teams of doctors, nurses and hair therapist. This is followed by a personalised consultation with our doctors who had abundance experiences in hair loss treatment. Through our consultation, our medical team will be able to identify and prepare the treatment plan that we can offer. These includes:
Medical consultation and examination with focus on hair examination with hair tests.
Hair and Skin Scoring systems to help classify and explain the condition.
Comprehensive blood and urine test to identify any medical conditions, hormone levels, nutrition and vitamin deficiencies which may contribute to hair loss and thinning.
A detailed explanation on the treatment options and expected end results.

Laser Light Therapy

Initially, its uses in hair treatment was unknown as it’s mainly use for aesthetic
purpose. With the advancement in the laser technologies, multiple researches had shown it also helps in promoting hair growth.
Our Signature Hair Laser Light Therapy comes from USA. It had won multiple
awards for breakthrough advancement in this hair field and its FDA approved. It had been proven to be very safe, no down time and no side effects. It’s the latest hair laser technology in the fields.
It’s contains 80 light diodes that emit laser therapy to your scalps which helps to stimulate hair regrowth, restore cellular activity, stabilizes hair, thickens hair and promote new vessels formation.
It works by penetrating a hair loss area at the appropriate depth with subsequent energy absorption. (Wavelength of 680 ± 6nm, with more than 440 Joules per treatment). The helmet comes with a built in coolant systems which help to reduce the heat. The entire process is painless as the temperature only raises about 1 degree Celsius.
Key Points:
Blood vessel formation, stabilizes hair, stimulate hair cell activity
Side Effect: None
No DOWN time
FDA approved medical device
How it is done?
You will be wearing a helmet like device which weight about 150g.
It will be place on your head for about 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes, you will feel minimal heat.
You may hear a soft machine sound as you wear the device to guide and update you the treatment progress.

Medications and Supplements (with medicated Hair Foam and Oral nutrition supplement)

Based on your blood results, our doctors will then come up with a customised hair growth supplements that is suitable for you. With this approach, we are able to target any deficiency from the cellular level which helps in faster, better and healthy hair growth.
A combination of medicated hair foam and oral nutrition supplements will have a synergistic effect which helps in promoting blood flow to the scalp area and provide adequate nutrition (to aid in new hair growth), and antioxidants ( to help to reduced hair loss due to stress).

Hair Products (Tonic and Shampoo)

Sebum is a natural oil constantly produced by your sebaceous glands. It’s the sebum produced by the glands on your scalp that can make hair look greasy in between washes.
We all produce it throughout our lives, but hormonal changes (during puberty or pregnancy, for example) can increase or decrease sebum production. Sebum forms a kind of barrier on the surface of the skin to protect it from the elements, and oxidative damage (the same harmful force that causes skin aging).
Due to our external condition such as hot humid weather or cold office environment, our sebum production becomes not regular and these leads to dandruff, oily scalp and bacterial infection.
All these factors contribute to hair loss.
With our hair products, we aim to tackle this problems. Our hair products are made for natural ingredients, free from 15 toxic hair ingredients and proven to help in reducing sebum production, anti-oxidant and help in promoting hair growths as well.
Our hair products helps to control excessive sebum, protect scalp, moisturising and soothing the scalp as well as controlling dandruff, seborrheic.
It helps to maintain a scalp pH of 5.5 which is suitable for hair growth. This product is came from KOREA with KFIDA/ KIPO certification. The benefits of using this product is no additional of oil and fragrance, safe and no side effect.

What To Expect In Your Treatment Experience
In Our Centre?

Visible results in 8 weeks of treatment.
Little to no down time.
Free from side effect and safe.
Transparent and engageable team of service staffs.
Friendly and professional service to answer your queries.

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